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  • 1 Custom Home
    This home was featured during the 2007 Parade of Homes. Truly an unforgettable home, built with the same quality that we use today.
  • 2 Beautiful Pool From one of our Homes
    This beautiful pool featured a fireplace set just inside of the pool. It gave the home a very unique touch indeed.
  • 3 Interior of a Previous Parade Home
    All of our homes come with tile floor, plush carpet, and granite counter-tops. We have a wide selection of cabinetry style to choose from and always include a fireplace as part of the allowance.
  • 4 Bathroom from 2007 Parade of Home
    If you can dream it, we can build it. By correlating with one of our designers, we were able to construct this masterpiece, that begs for relaxation.
  • 5 Custom Home featured in another Parde Home
    This home was built for one of our decorators. We spent countless hours making sure every detail was constructed according to our expectations. As you can see, it made for an amazing show.


Plan Information & Pricing


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Plan Info. Sq. Ft.
# Bedroom # Bath # Garage Price (without lot)


1465 2 to 3 2 2  
Assisi 1490 3 2 2  
Monteverde 1595 2 to 3 2 2  
Peruga 1626 3 2 2  
Firenze 1702 2 to 3 2 3  
Oxvieto 2042 3 to 4 2.5 3.5