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  • 1 Custom Home
    This home was featured during the 2007 Parade of Homes. Truly an unforgettable home, built with the same quality that we use today.
  • 2 Beautiful Pool From one of our Homes
    This beautiful pool featured a fireplace set just inside of the pool. It gave the home a very unique touch indeed.
  • 3 Interior of a Previous Parade Home
    All of our homes come with tile floor, plush carpet, and granite counter-tops. We have a wide selection of cabinetry style to choose from and always include a fireplace as part of the allowance.
  • 4 Bathroom from 2007 Parade of Home
    If you can dream it, we can build it. By correlating with one of our designers, we were able to construct this masterpiece, that begs for relaxation.
  • 5 Custom Home featured in another Parde Home
    This home was built for one of our decorators. We spent countless hours making sure every detail was constructed according to our expectations. As you can see, it made for an amazing show.


Why Build a Bangerter Home?

Why Build a Bangerter Home?    

"Built For Your Life"

Working Directly with the Builder    

From contracts and plan designs to the final Walk Through, you'll deal directly with Garret or Brandon Bangerter.  They'll be in your house every day making sure your home is built the way you expect with the quality and detail Bangerter has built a reputation delivering.  At key points in the construction process you'll be asked to walk the home with the builder to make important decisions and give your valuable input. 


Every Bangerter Home is built to meet the specific needs of the family it is built for.  No two homes are exactlyalike, even if they are the same floor plan.   "Built for your life" is more than our motto.  It is the way we build andthink.  Your home is built to fit your lifestyle and to last a lifetime.  Most customizing is at no charge unless footage    is added or "real costs" are involved. 

A Standard Way above the Standard    

Bangerter homes are built with dozens of features and upgrades that are "extras" or "changes" for mostbuilders.  Check out our list of included items in our standard features list and compare before you buy.Then if you decide to add more upgrades we'll do them at COST - No commissions and no extra profit to thebuilder.  We love to help you "jazz" your home and don't penalize you for doing it! 

Energy Efficiency    

Bangerter homes are built to save you money for years after you move into your new home. Energy costs continue to rise so we build with energy efficiency in mind.  Check out our list of energysaving features in our "Standards included List". 

Built Stronger to Last    

Ask a Bangerter why our homes are stronger than the competitions.  We'll reveal the little things thatadd up to make your home last longer and live better. 


Garret and Brandon combined have more than 52 years building homes for Utah families.  They have builthundreds of homes in Utah ranging in price from $150,000 to over $1,000,000.  They have "hands on" experiencebuilding homes, from pouring the footings through roofing and most trades in between. 

We "Really" Care    

We care about you and your home.  We care about our reputation.  We want to be able to look you in theeye when the job is done and feel good about what we've done and how you feel about your home.If we don't feel like old friends when the job is done - we've failed.